The Process

Steps to your beer making experience.

Step 1

The moment you enter the Beer Barrel you will be greeted by our friendly and helpful staff, ready to assist you with your beer and cider making needs. Explaining the different types and quality levels of our beer and ciders, and taking into consideration your tastes and preferences, Rob and the staff at The Beer Barrel will guide you in choosing the beer or cider that’s just right for you!

rob and customer

Step 2

Brewing your own beer and cider at The Beer Barrel is an economical and hands-on experience for our patrons. From the mixing of the yeast and the forced carbonation, to bottling with the counter-pressure bottle filler that preserves the necessary carbonation, a staff member will help you every step of the way. Our guidance and best in class process ensure your beverages are delicious and ready to drink at home!

rob and customer step 2
"I let my dad taste the beer from The Beer Barrel and he couldn't believe it was from a kit!"